Dementia and Aged Care services, Sydney

Do you know someone living with Dementia? Are you looking for a different type of care environment  to the traditional Dementia units?

Welcome to a new concept in aged care and respite care; where the needs of a new generation of older Australians are recognised through an innovative and world-leading aged care services model.

Group Homes Australia is a new concept in aged care, dementia care - offering a social, supportive and welcoming environment that values independence and living life to the fullest, and feels like home.

We're different

If you've explored traditional aged care or dementia care accommodation options such as nursing homes, you've no doubt seen firsthand that many are big, impersonal and institutional. If you've explored the option of live-in help, you may have found that it can be expensive, and not necessarily reliable.

Our philosophy is to challenge traditional ideas of aged care and provide a better choice for older Australians living well with dementia.

It's the reason we've brought the successful group home model – which is already popular internationally – to Sydney. And it's the reason our aged care services have proved so popular and successful since 2009.

We have so much more to offer

Group Homes Australia has homes for people living with dementia and high care needs. located in Sydney's North Shore, Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs – each expertly designed to be safe and welcoming, while providing a uniquely supportive and social environment that genuinely feels like home.

  • We offer state-of-the-art care for intentional communities of older Australians.
  • We offer environments that focus on life, choices and relationships.
  • We empower residents to be as independent as possible, within a safe environment.
  • We offer opportunities for older Australians to remain in their own suburb, close to friends, family, familiar shops and services.
  • We seek to enhance the quality of life of our residents through support, creative solutions, a sustainable workforce, and focus on meaningful activities.

Want to learn more? Read on for information About Group Homes Australia, the group home concept, and our benefits.

What is the real different between Aged Care Facilities and a Group Home?